Banasthali, Kathmandu.

Printing Solution

Society Printing Press P. LTD. (SPPPL) is a pioneering printing house that has been owned and operated by a well experienced team who has had all good experience in the field of printing and publishing reference books and educational materials and all types of printing jobs. The team has been well supported by experienced manpower, technicians, skilled marketers and successful business organizations, and well known financial institutions.

With the aim of providing quality printing all over the country, (SPPPL) has made a good relationship among its clients, suppliers, supporters and financial institutions.

In today’s world, people are very conscious of quality printing, and things being in a constant state of flux, it is of paramount importance to walk in step with change and innovation. (SPPPL) always captures such changes, new things and takes well consideration of new printing technology.

We always consider our clients, suppliers, supporters and financial institutions as our great source for encouragement and inspiration. We always welcome their constructive feedback for the betterment of this printing house, and we are always ready to serve them with our qualitative printing and printing materials. Wish you a very good printing for your feelings.

Our Machinery/ Equipments:

Komari E429 Four Color 20×30

Heidelberg SM 74 Four Color 20×30

Hard banding Machine

Automatic Folding Machine

Area & Capacity

Heidelberg SORMZ 2 Color 20×30 3(Three) Unit

Heidelberg SORM 1 Color 20×30 1(One) Unit

Paper Cutting Machine

Fully Auto 42 Inch 1 (One) Unit

Semi Auto 36Inch 1 (One) Unit

Stitching Machine            2 (Two) Unit

Lamination Machine 1 (One) Unit

Perforating Machine 2 (Two) Unit

Platemaker 1 (One) Unit

Spiral wiro Punching Machine 2 (Two) Unit

Generator 63kva 1 (One) Unit

Plate Punching Machine 1 (One) Unit

Glue Banding 5 Clamp 1 (One) Unit

Normal Paper Types Used:

Art Paper                              90-170 Gsm.

Art board/Art Card                          190-300 Gsm.

Duplex board                          upto 400 Gsm.

Maplitho/Woodfree                          60-120 Gsm.

Creamwove                            44-60 Gsm

Chrome board & Pulp board                150-220 Gsm.

Chrome art paper                                     70-90 Gsm.

Matt paper & board                        100-300 Gsm. Etc

Kamal Prasad Pokharel

Managing Director